En Route

From the mind of a designer to a sketch on a pad. Fabric is draped, cut, and sewn, bringing an idea to life. Fashion is always moving and evolving, never arriving. Join us as Mount Mary College presents its first off campus fashion show. Infinite possibilities and limitless destinations capture the essence of the event. Follow us down a road not yet traveled, and find out what lies En Route.

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6 Responses to En Route

  1. I would love to support the annual student fashion show. I’m a Fashion Director for Park Lane,and I would love to offer jewlery to borrow, to accessorize your great creations.

    • mmcenroute says:

      Thank you, Traci!
      Someone from the Accessories Committee will get in touch with you very shortly. We greatly appreciate your generous offer, and look forward to partnering with you for the show.
      Whitney Gilles
      PR and Media Committee

  2. Mardi Smirl says:

    I and my 11 year old daughter Gaby look forward to attending EN ROUTE.
    Gaby has aspirations on a career in fashion and has been sewing for the past 3 years.
    When your daughter at the age of 8 requests a dress manequin as her birthday gift, I guess you have to take her ambition serious!

  3. jasmine says:

    We would love to support the annual student fashion show. I’m a accessorie Designer,and I would love to offer accessories to borrow for your show please contact me at omgfashion2011@yahoo.com

    • mmcenroute says:

      Thanks for your interest, Jasmine. We’re sorry, but the show is only a few days away, and all the accessories have been chosen. Keep us in mind for next year, and contact us around January or February. Thanks!

  4. Fashion says:

    Hey. Thanks for this article.

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